Form Center

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City Council

  1. Invocation Sign-up

    Sign up for giving the invocation at City Council meetings.

Conference Center

  1. Conference Center Site Tour Request
  1. Meeting/Event Planner RFP Form

    If you are planning a meeting or special event of any size at the Douglasville Conference Center or any other City of Douglasville... More…

Online Forms

  1. Council 411 Town Hall Registration Form

    Used to register and submit questions to council 411

  2. Office of the Mayor Meeting Request Form

    Citizens request for meeting with the Mayor

  3. Volunteer Interest Form
  1. Council 411 Town Hall Sign in Form

    Guest sign in at Town Hall meetings.

  2. Request for Proclamation Form

    Used to request proclamations from Mayor/City Council

Road or Construction Problems

  1. Road or Construction Concern Form

    Use this form to communicate problems with any of the road, or other construction projects going on in the City of Douglasville.