Stride Horse Park

Stride Horse Park T.E.M.S. Inc.

-To increase employability for Douglas County residents with Disabilities for independent living Purpose

-To stimulate job stability and economic growth and development in the State of Georgia for Douglas County Residents Program

-“Douglas County Vocational Rehabilitation Clients/High School Students with Disabilities.”

Strides Horse Park T.E.M.S. Inc. is striving to become the most successful Agency assisting youth with disabilities as Students transition from high school into the workforce. Strides Horse Park T.E.M.S Inc. Provide Employment Services for Douglas County Vocational Rehabilitation Clients.

Since October 2014, Strides Horse Park TEMS Inc. goal is to expose the youth with disabilities into technology-related careers. Stride Horse Park T.E.M.S. Inc provides support of employment, job coaching, job readiness training, job sampling, transportation, transitioning students, and work evaluations.

For more information email: Ms. Fouch SHP Director at urshlafouch@ or call 678-878-1742. Meetings are held at Jessie Davis Park.