Preservation Guidelines

Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Guidelines are an important component of any community’s historic preservation program. The guidelines were developed to assist in the decision regarding changes within historic areas. They are intended to encourage orderly, creative, and compatible development within historic areas. These Guidelines will illustrate a sensitive and thoughtful approach to historic preservation and cultural resource management in Douglasville.

The Historic District Guidelines apply to exterior changes to buildings within locally designed historic districts.

Interior changes, paint colors, or other minor repairs do not require approval from the Historic Preservation Commission.

The design guidelines, which govern a Certificate of Appropriateness, are derived from the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The Standards are highlighted on the following page.

General Guidelines
  • A property should be used for its historic purpose or be placed in a new use that requires minimal change to the defining characteristics of the building and its site and environment
  • The Historic character of a property should be retained and preserved
  • Each property should be recognized as a physical record of its time, place, and use
  • Deteriorated historic features should be repaired then replaced
  • Chemical or physical treatments, such as sandblasting, that cause damage to historic materials should not be used
  • Significant archaeological resources affected by a project should be protected and preserved
  • New additions, exterior alterations, or related new construction should not destroy historic materials that characterize the property
  • Maintain mature trees unless the trees are dying dead, diseased or posed a safety hazard to the public or structure
  • Maintain existing fences and walls. Traditional fencing materials are wood, masonry, and iron
  • Driveways and parking lots should not interrupt the pattern of street trees
  • New on-site parking. Loading docks, and ramps required by a new use can be located so they are unobtrusive yet convenient
Download a copy of the Douglasville Historic Preservation Guidelines.

Or you can contact Regina Chapman,for The City of Douglasville at via email , fax 678-449-3105, or by phone at 678-449-3104.