Opportunity Zones

What is an Opportunity Zone?

Local governments that undertake redevelopment efforts in certain older commercial and industrial areas now qualify for a State of Georgia job credit. New or existing businesses that create two or more jobs can receive a tax credit of up to $3,500 per job. The job tax credits can be used against 100 percent of the business's income tax liability and state payroll withholding. Credits are available for these areas that are designated by Georgia's Department of Community Affairs (DCA) as Opportunity Zones. The DCA will consider designations for areas that are within or adjacent to a census block group with a 15 percent or greater poverty level.
To read more on the state's Opportunity Zone Program, please visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs' website by clicking here.

How to apply for Opportunity Zone designation?

Step 1: Check the City of Douglasville Opportunity Zone map to confirm that your parcel is located within an                Opportunity Zone.
Step 2: Review the Opportunity Zone requirements to ensure you are qualified.
Step 3: Complete section one of the Opportunity Zone certification form and mail to:
City of Douglasville
Community and Downtown Services Department
6695 Church Street
Douglasville, GA 30133

This document will be signed and forwarded to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.
Step 4: Prior to claiming your tax credit, complete and mail the notice of intention to claim withholding tax benefit.
Step 5: To file for your tax credit­, complete the job tax credit form.

How do I know if I am in an Opportunity Zone?

To find out if you are in a City of Douglasville Opportunity Zone, please view the map and list of parcels below.

City of Douglasville Opportunity Zone Map