Douglasville's Historic VanSant Cemetery

The City of Douglasville has been richly blessed with the heritage and history of it's people who are now deceased, and many of those who passed on have been memorialized with resting places in cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds that have been abandoned and are threatened by unknowing development.

Human remains and burial objects are not property to be owned by the person or entity which owns the land or water where the human remains and burial objects are interred or discovered, but are part of the finite, irreplaceable and non-renewable cultural heritage of the citizens of Douglasville which should be preserved.

The care accorded the remains of deceased persons reflects respect and regard for human dignity as well as cultural, spiritual, and religious values.

Therefore it is the desire of the Mayor and Council of the City of Douglasville to provide for the preservation of all such semibreves, graveyards, and burial grounds. The Mayor and Council of the City of Douglasville hereby declare it to the purpose and intent of this chapter to establish a commission for the purpose of providing a procedure for the identification of abandoned cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds.

It is further the purpose and intent of this article to establish a uniform procedure for the processing of applications to disturb and relocated human remains and burial object in conformity with state and local law.