Zoning Board Meeting Dates

Current planning involves the implementation of the City of Douglasville's Unified Development Ordinance that is used to review site plans for new developments and sign permits. Zoning provides expertise in the areas of current planning, land use decision making, and strategic decision making to elected officials, appointed boards, city management, and citizens to ensure the future quality of life in the City of Douglasville. Specific zoning regulations are in place to establish minimum parcel sizes, setbacks, and signage control. Many development application requests such as special land use permits, rezonings, and variances require approval by the Mayor and City Council. The City’s Unified Development Ordinance is available either online or at the Planning Department.

City of Douglasville Zoning Map

Douglasville Unified Development Code

Zoning Process

The Community and Development Service Department’s Planning Division accepts applications related to zoning requests. If you are interested in seeking a rezoning, Special Land Use Permit, or a variance from the zoning code the process and application are listed in our informational Zoning Packet.