Military Honor Garden

Keep Douglasville Beautiful is proud to have spearheaded the Douglasville Military Honor Garden.  Created as a place to celebrate the honor and courage that members of the Douglasville military community have displayed during their service to our country, the Douglasville Military Honor Garden welcomes visitors to a place of beauty for those who wish to pay tribute to the brave military men, women, and families who sacrifice for our freedoms.

The garden is a beautiful public space, built with the support of citizens, service organizations, and businesses in our community for the benefit of the community. Memorial trees, garden spaces, markers, and benches are placed throughout the garden to create a vibrant, social space to enjoy and inspire.

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Article about the Military Honor Garden

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Donate to the Military Honor Garden

If you, your organization, or business would like to support future improvements and additions to honor members of our community, you can download the donor form, or contact us:

Keep Douglasville Beautiful
PO Box 219
Douglasville, GA 30133

  1. Special thanks to these supporters who contributed to

    the Military Honor Garden project:

    Monetary Donations
    Keep Douglasville Beautiful
    City of Douglasville
    Douglas County Lions Club
    Ama-Kanasta Garden Club
    Julie Camp
    Paul Laseter
    Leslie Green
    GreyStone Power Corporation
    Ralph and Patricia Urbas
    John Hufstetler
    Anita and Terry Selman
    Mike and Leila Ruggiero
    Garey McManus
    Susanne Hudson
    West Georgia Board of Realtors
    Robert D. Coats, Attorney at Law
    The Green Tree Day Spa
    Dorothy Padgett
    Premier Association Management, Inc.
    Cindy Morley
    LCDR and Mrs. Victor Leonard, USN Ret.
    Republic Services
    Georgia ReLeaf Grant from the Georgia Urban Forest Council
    Mercer University
    J.H. & Patsy Banks
    Tammi Duckworth
    Bluegrass Materials Company
    James and Linda Weeks
    Mr. and Mrs. Max Graham
    Whitley Garner At Rosehaven Funeral Home
    Vulcan Materials Company

    In-kind donations and services
    Niles Bolton Associates
    NWGA Recycling
    Hughes-Ray Company, Inc.
    Victor Stanley
    Alternative Environments
    Accent Nursery
    Barnett Irrigation
    DeNyse Companies
    Douglasville ACE Hardware
    Douglasville WinlectricBelgard
    Jackson Paving 
    West Georgia Green Association
    NG Turf
    Peach State Amenities 

November 11, 2017

Honor Garden photos
Honor Garden photos (4)
Honor Garden photos (5)