Georgia Highway 92 Relocation Project

Georgia Highway 92 Relocation Project

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Douglasville Planning Director Michelle Wright gave an update on the Highway 92 project to a Town Hall meeting held at Jessie Davis Park on May 9th, 2017. Here is a copy of her update.
The Georgia Department of Transportation has provided this 3D animated video of what this project will look like when completed. To watch click - GDOT video.

An online road or construction project concern form has been set up for citizens to let us know about problems with any of the road or other construction projects around Douglasville.

SR 92 Douglas 150210D28

Sidewalk work continues on Brown St near Colquitt St
Brown St Sidewalk work 320x240.jpg

Here are some photos from Mike Bryant of progress on Highway 92 re-route project
Brown St curbing.jpgNew 92 NW from Brown St.jpg
Sidewalk on Brown St near Colquitt St New Highway 92 near Brown St looking NW to current 92
Douglasville roads guru, Mike Bryant says the water main work for the Highway 92 re-route is almost finished. Here is a shot of the last joint in the re-route being tightened up. It will be encased in cement, and then covered over with dirt.
Last water main joint

Please be advised that on Approximately October 28, 2015, Highway 78 traffic will be shifted onto the temporary road between Connally St. and Mozley St. On the detour edge, the right side leaving Douglasville will have temp barrier wall between Mozley and Hagin, then curb from Hagin through the ramp intersection (with the exception of where the future bridge and approach slabs will go). The left side will have temporary barrier wall separating traffic from the RR tracks once those are shifted. Please note that this shift will be for the next 3 years as they tunnel under Highway 78 and the RR tracks, and the construction of the bridges. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Highway 78 Detour Plan Highway 78 Detour Aerial View

Begin detourMiddle of detour
On 78 headed east - begin lane shift On 78 headed east - middle of lane shift
End of detour
On 78 headed east - end of lane shift (All photos by Mike Bryant)

Storm line under Colquitt Street (at Brown Street)
Colquitt St storm lineColquitt Street storm line

Retaining wall at Brown and East Strickland Streets
Retaining wall

Brown Street
All photos by Mike Bryant
New Highway 92 at Brown Street looking Southeast towards Highway 78.


It's beginning to look like a road!
Sound wallBrown Street wall
All photos by Mike Bryant

06/10/15 ...And the work goes on

Utility re-location Dallas Highway South at Brown St Brown St South cul-de-sac (looking SE)
Dallas Hwy SBrown St S cul-de-sac
water line on Ellis StClose up Ellis St water line
WSA water line re-location on Ellis St (looking NW) All photos by Mike Bryant

06/04/15 Update

Got some new pictures from Douglasville Civil & Environmental Inspector Mike Bryant today
showing more of the work on all phases of the project.
Brown St cul-de-sacNorth of Brown
Looking NW where Brown St North will end in Looking SE from north of Brown St toward new 92
a cul-de-sac (photo Mike Bryant) road bed (photo Mike Bryant)

78 ramp from 92looking N toward 78
Looking N where ramp exits from new 92 Looking N where new 92 will go under 78 and
to 78 E-W (photo Mike Bryant) the railroad tracks (photo Mike Bryant)

06/01/15 Update

Grading continues just south of US78 to drop the SR92 roadbed 30 feet as it approaches where it will go under highway 78. The section from Fairburn Road to the grading area is looking like a real road now.
SR 92 looking North to 78SR 92looking South

Work will begin soon on the US 78 ramp to the new SR 92. The railroad tracks as well as US 78
will be shifted to the south, to help accomplish this work. The City of Douglasville appreciates the patience of our citizens as we work through this milestone transportation project.

Utility relocation continues in the area of what will be the Highway 78 intersection with SR92.
Photo taken toward the east on East Strickland Street.
Photo: Mike Bryant 04/07/15

Culvert construction at Brown Street. Photos taken looking northwest toward current SR92.
Brown St Culvert 1Brown St Culvert 2
Photos: Mike Bryant 04/07/15

Blasting Zone Sign
CW Matthews has sub-contracted with a professional controlled blasting company to perform the necessary explosive and blasting components of this phase in the SR 92 project. Here are a few important facts to know:

Blasting Zone:
· Cooper St traveling north to Highway 78
· 6164 E Broad St traveling west to Hagen St

Blasting Schedule:
· Blast sites preparation will include drilling for 1-2 days early next week (1/19/15)
· Most detonation will occur early afternoons near the 2pm hour
· Blast will begin midweek (1/19/15) for a 6 week period

What to expect:
· Advanced technologies will result in very minimal or noticeable excavation effects
· Heavy sand/dirt charge cover is used over each charge detonation so as to provide minimal to no debris
· Charge covers are 4-5 feet deep/high
· Blasting will have little (1-2 minute delays) to no impact on traffic flow

Pre-blasting inspection was conducted in December which included property inspections of businesses and residents in this zone. A certified letter was sent to each location within the zone as well.

Storm drainage piping is going in where the road takes it's initial turn to the Northeast behind the Fairburn Road Checkers as of 12/17/14.
Photo: Mike Bryant 01/07/15

Utility pole relocation on Highway 78 between Dorsett St. and Hagin St. has begun in order to prepare for a lane shift
at that location after the holidays.

The 30" and 36" pipes between Hospital Dr. North and Cooper St. will be ongoing through the holidays.

The contractor will be rerouting the 16" water main on Strickland St. at Brown St.
Details will follow as they become available.

The RR crossing at Brown St. and Highway 78 has been demolished as of 12/1/14.
Brown Street Crossing
Photo: Mike Bryant

SR 92 Project Construction update for 11-19-14:

1) Installing the 48” pipe on Hospital Dr. north. – From Hospital Dr. north to Cooper St.
2) Installing Check Dams on the stream section north of Ellis St.

The first stage of construction starts on 11/10/2014 will involve the closing of the following streets:

· Dorsett Street
· Green Street
· Cone Street
· Brown Street RR Crossing
· Hospital Drive North

Two weeks after construction begins, the following roads will be closed:

· Brown Street North
· Brown Street South
· East Strickland Street
· Cooper Street

Notice of road closure signs will be placed on all roads that are to be closed a minimum of one week
prior to the date of closure. This schedule is as follows:

· Install closure advertisement signage – 11/10/14
· Install bagged detour signs – 11/17/14
· Un-bag signs and install Type 3 barricades – 11/24/14

For a detailed map of road closures and detour routes, click here