Development Process

Learn the City's requirements and procedures from concept to completion for your project. Find out the key elements involved, tips to expedite the process, and quick access to the resources you will need along the way.

Step 1: Do you need a permit?

Permit requirements depend on the scope of your project, or location related constraints.

Whether you are a homeowner, small business owner or contractor, the process to obtain a permit will depend on the scope of your project. Read more about the first step you will need to take to get your permit.
It is highly encouraged that you call the Building Office or come in to find out what type of perm/it/approval you need or whether you even need a permit/approval for your project. 

Building permits are not required if your project is:

Less than 100 square feet
Installing floor covering
Replacing exterior siding
Sidewalk or driveway
Swimming pool less than 24 inches deep

Step 2: Site Information

Before you can obtain the appropriate approval or permit, site information will be required about the location of your project.
All property within the City of Douglasville is assigned to a particular zoning district. Find out more about your property's zone, other criteria, and the development regulations that apply to it by contact the City’s Planning Department or requesting a Zoning Verification Letter.
Depending on the nature and scope of your building project, there will be a need to submit documents, plans and information on your project. These may range from commercial civil plans to architectural plans to trade (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) plans. These required submittals will be known during your initial contact with the Building Office.

Step 3: Are there any special approvals that will be needed for your project?

In some cases, there may be an additional level of review on a set of plans to determine if they are requiring an additional reviews for approval. These could include ensuring that there is no deviation from the City’s Unified Development Ordinance is available either online or at the Planning Department.
that would require further approvals related to such areas as setbacks, density limits, or building façade requirements.
Please note that the City of Douglasville does not review water and sewer plans. This will be separate area of review conducted by the Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority.

Step 4: Plan review

The next step in the process is for the City to review the submitted plans to determine if a construction permit can be issued or your map approved.
Make sure you have prepared all the necessary maps, construction documents and plans according to the requirements of the Project Submittal Manual and in conformance with any approved discretionary action on the project site.
In order to expedite the reviewing process, please ensure that you submit all the required plans, drawings, maps, studies, and other materials specific to the approval(s) you need.
The City makes every effort to have these plans reviewed in a timely manner and usually provides comments or approvals back to the applicant within ten (10) business days.

Step 5:  Do you have everything needed to obtain permits and approvals?

At this stage, everything should have been submitted for your project. However, if there are any documents or items that may be missing, you will be promptly contacted by the Building Office.
If everything is satisfactory, approved permits will be issued.

Step 6: Inspections

After you have received your approved permit, work is able to be commenced on your project. You will be required to submit requests for inspections a periodic intervals to the City by calling 678-449-3042.

Step 7: Certificate of Occupancy

Once a final inspection has been completed on your project, a certificate of occupancy will be issued (C.O.) and your project will be considered complete by the City of Douglasville. This means that your business may occupy the location or residents may move in.