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Division Overview

The Special Operations Division investigates narcotics, and vice violations and functions in an undercover capacity, using the latest in high-tech surveillance equipment. Special Operations also staffs a position on a counter-drug DEA task force for the Metro Atlanta area region.

In 2007 the Gang Unit created a pro-active program, called "Youth Against Violence". This program focuses on providing at risk youth with proper positive guidance and role models, as an alternative to joining gangs. It is also a partnership between the Gang unit and Art Powell, an ex-street gang member who was convicted and served time in the Georgia prison system. Powell founded "Ex-Gress", an organization with the goal of education and gang prevention for at risk youth. "Youth Against Violence" has been such a huge success that parents sign up their children, and churches send referrals to intervene at an early age. In addition, juvenile offenders are often sentenced to attend the program through the local courts system and Douglas County School System.

  1. Ken Winklepleck

    Lieutenant - Special Operations
    Phone: 678-293-1749