Commercial Waste Service

The City Of Douglasville has as exclusive franchise for the collection of all commercial and industrial waste within the City limits. We now offer the convenient option to pay your bill online.

The City ordinance reads: “No person, firm, or corporation except the duly authorized franchisee or duly authorized agents or employees of the City, shall engage in the business of collecting garbage or trash within the city or conveying or transporting garbage or trash on the streets, alley, and public thoroughfares of the City.”

Our Policy is as follows:

  1. The City provides both front-end service and temporary or permanent open-top service.
  2. The City is responsible for the billing and receiving of payment for service.
  3. The City does not bill by invoices, but by Statement of Accounts. The statements are mailed out around the 1st of each month. If an invoice number is needed, the date can be used as the invoice number.
  4. Payments are due on the 21st of the month. Please submit remittance and put your customer number on your check. (Customer number is located under the mailing address on your statement.)
  5. After 60 days, penalties accrue at 0.8333% monthly.
  6. Only the property owner can acquire commercial sanitation services.
  7. Deposits are required prior to setting containers.
  8. Written descriptions on placement of containers are required.


To set up service or questions about your service please call 770-920-3005 or email.