The Douglasville Police Department’s Youth Against Violence Program was created to educate young people in our community about the dangers of gang activity, criminal acts, drugs, and to provide life skills to better prepare the youth for the road ahead.

The participants are often ordered to attend the classes through a court sentence and others are placed in the class by their parents or guardians.


The Douglas County School System also sends students to the program as part of their disciplinary process.  The program runs four eight-week sessions and one ten-week session each year that meet every Saturday (it also offers parenting classes).

There have been almost 3,000 graduates from the program. There is also a leadership class that was started several years ago.  The goal is to further develop our youth to the understanding of leaderships principles - to impress upon them how important they are to the growth and development of the youth community.

In addition, we assist in developing goals and set them on the path of making their goals become reality.

For more information on the program, call (770) 920-3010.