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A Statement from Mayor Rochelle Robinson

Post Date:05/30/2020 7:08 PM

 ... I could not sleep again last night for the second time this week. I am speechless with the incredibly egregious incident of Police Brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but even more heartbreaking is the inappropriate response of some Americans with Looting and the desolation of public and private property.

While I understand the frustration, anger, and hurt that people are feeling over this travesty of Man’s inhuman treatment of their communities... I do not condone the violent response we have seen in Atlanta as property and Landmarks have been vandalized and retail and grocery establishments have been robbed.

It has come to my attention that organizers are gathering people together to hold a protest in the City of Douglasville in response to the Murder of George Floyd. Citizens are welcome to protest in accordance with their 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech, but looting and theft are crimes and destroying property is rioting... THAT type of behavior is certainly not welcomed.

Please refrain from any unscrupulous behavior so that the intent of a peaceful march will remain clear. That is to bring attention and solidarity to the problem of continuous police brutality in SOME police departments in this country against African Americans.

I am thankful for Douglasville Police Chief Gary Sparks as he and his department have been fostering a climate of respect and oneness in our Community. The City’s Police policies do not include any choke-hold or knee to the neck practices for apprehending those that they have to take in Custody.

Let us continue to pray and combat the visible and invisible ills of America that we need to fix. We are continually praying for Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta.

Our national motto is “In God We Trust” let us trust Him.

Please stay safe and healthy during this health pandemic of COVID-19 and this Hate pandemic of Racism.

God Bless Douglasville/Douglas County, Georgia, and America.

Official Letter From Mayor Rochelle Robinson

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