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1. Where can I get a building permit?
2. As a business, I want to hold an outdoor event. What must I do?
3. Where can I obtain a business license?
4. I want to sell things door to door for a limited amount of time. Do I still need a business license?
5. What if I am a not for profit entity?
6. When I get my business license, how should I display it?
7. What is a junked or abandoned vehicle?
8. If I see a code violation, how can I report it?
9. Is there somewhere I can find what the city codes and ordinances are?
10. What is considered a prohibited sign?
11. Does Douglasville have a grass ordinance?
12. What area is the Douglasville Code Compliance Division responsible for?
13. I have a tractor/trailer. Is there anywhere in the city I am not supposed to park?