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Events & Opportunities

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KDB Sponsored and Participatory Programs, Events & Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering or you need more information, call 678-449-3138 or email

KDB can help coordinate projects for corporate, school, volunteer or faith based groups who wish to volunteer. Documented hours of volunteer time can also be provided when requested.

Quarterly BEACONS Awards

On a quarterly basis, KDB recognizes businesses which practice, promote, and encourage environmental stewardship within the City of Douglasville through our BEACONS of Business Award [BEAutification-CONservation-Service]. The award is given to businesses that contribute through beautification (keeping landscape and parking areas vibrant and well-maintained), conservation (participating in recycling and/or waste reduction initiatives), service (donating time to clean up projects or community and charitable projects).


The Adopt-A-Road litter prevention initiative, sponsored by Keep Douglasville Beautiful Inc. (KDB), empowers volunteer groups, families, churches, service organizations, schools and businesses to show their pride in Douglasville by keeping their neighborhood litter-free street by street. It allows citizens to remove unsightly trash along the City of Douglasville right-of-ways while promoting a sense of civic responsibility and pride and contributing to overall community beautification.

Public Service Announcements

Messages designed for public interest to raise awareness, change behavior and attitudes towards specific social issues. Past PSA’s include “The Trash Mob” as an anti-litter campaign that included a customized song and dance specifically for the City of Douglasville and “Keep Your Butts Off the Streets” targeting cigarette litter.

National Planting Day Event

A fall initiative of the Great American Cleanup, is a national call to action designed to mobilize Americans to support local ecosystems by planting native species. Recent projects include the completion of the Mill Village park entrance landscaping.

Mayors Monarch Pledge Garden (Butterfly Garden)

Local butterfly garden created and maintained as part of the Mayors' Monarch Pledge to overcome the serious decline of the iconic monarch butterfly population. Butterflies are vital "pollinators" in our ecosystem and monarch gardens benefit urban monarch conservation efforts.

City Cemetery Beautification and Clean Up

KDB provides ongoing efforts to maintain and beautify one of the oldest cemetery’s in Douglasville, located in the heart of the downtown.

Douglasville Military Honor Garden

Created and maintained as a place to celebrate the honor and courage that members of the Douglasville military community have displayed during their service to our country, the Douglasville Military Honor Garden welcomes visitors to a place of beauty for those who wish to pay tribute to the brave military men, women, and families who sacrifice for our freedoms.

Bring One for the Chipper

This is a statewide event held at Home Depot in Douglasville. Citizens are urged to drop off their Christmas trees for chipping in the Home Depot parking lot, and they are given a seedling to plant at home. The event is usually the first Saturday in January from 9:00am until 3:00pm.

Arbor Day Event

Consist of various events and educational opportunities to support the Arbor Day holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees. Past events included a course on bonsai tree styling, educational booths, demonstrations and tree plantings.

Community Social Media Engagement

KDB promotes awareness of our program through fun, social media activities and contests.

Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival

Community festival featuring national award-winning flower show, artesian vendor market, events and exhibits designed with the purpose to beautify our community, preserve our history, present heirloom plants and display our community.

Hydrangea Festival Embellishment Contest

Contest encouraging residents and businesses to decorate their mailboxes, lampposts, gates, fences, trees, signs and doorways in colorful hydrangea blossoms, ribbons, and items to celebrate the festival and welcome visitors to Douglasville and Douglas County.

Appreciation Cards for Homeowners

Ongoing program to recognize homeowners who keep their property looking nice. Board members or citizens can turn in addresses (no names are required) to the Executive Director (or volunteer in charge) who will send and record a recognition card to the homeowner.

Books for the Library

Year-round program supporting the collection of donated books from local non-profit locations for delivery to the Douglasville Library for recycling.

Partners In Education

Partner-at-large with area schools each school year. Classroom presentations on litter, recycling, water pollution and erosion, animal habitats and farm-to-table activities are offered. The materials are used to influence positive behavior, foster environmental responsibility and enrich student learning experiences.

Cache In Trash Out (CITO) Geocaching Events

An environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community. CITO events help preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly space. At CITO events, geocachers and community groups work together to clean up and improve parks and other outdoor environments.

Community Appearance Index

A Keep America Beautiful initiative requiring affiliates to provide a comprehensive assessment of the overall appearance of their community using indicators such as litter, illegal signs, graffiti and more. The Community Appearance Index is designed to gather data annually by surveying a random, statistical sample of a city or town. The annual results are then used to develop a local plan to change attitudes and behaviors regarding litter and related issues.

Community Event Support

KDB is proud to participate in community events including the annual Taste of Douglasville, 4th of July Parade, Douglasville Health Fair, Douglasville Senior Center Events, Special Olympics, Police Department Fall Festivals…just to name a few.

Community Partner

KDB serves as a member and partner with local community organizations and non-profits including local garden clubs, Loving Hands, West Georgia Green, Safe Kids Coalition, Douglas County Lions Club and Alexander High School Agriculture Advisory Board.

Landscape Oversight of 10 City of Douglasville Facilities

Oversight of landscape design, maintenance and upkeep for The City of Douglasville facilities including parks and municipal buildings.

Community Knowledge and Informational Sessions

Learning sessions with the objective of educating the community on common environmental concerns.

Community Information Support Materials

KDB provides literature on our programs, recycling, composting, mulching, grass recycling, litter prevention and various educational program kits.

Recycling Containers

Provided for any local community event per request.

Community Planting Event(s)

KDB partners with local groups for our seasonal community planting events to promote inclusiveness, environmental responsibility and learning opportunities.

Fall and Spring Recycling Events

Twice a year, Keep Douglasville Beautiful hosts an E-waste and scrap metal recycling event. This event collects 1000’s of pounds in recyclable materials. The event is open to all residents.

Community Volunteer Program Resource

KDB strives to provide various opportunities tailored to meet individual or group interests when possible. If KDB cannot accommodate your specific request, we are happy to serve as a resource directing you to other city departmental volunteer programs that may fulfill your request.